CeO Advice & CEO Coaching

“It’s lonely at the top” – it’s an old saying because it’s so true. Where do chief executives go when they need someone to talk to? 

CEO Coaching & CEO Advice, Workplace Psychology, NYC & White Plains NY

Who do you fully trust to share your concerns with openly? With whom can you unburden yourself in complete candor? And whom can you rely upon to truly understand the difficulties (and stress) of the issues that keep you up at night? No doubt you are an effective leader already, but where can you turn to enhance your skills and confidence to handle the thorniest issues you face?

If some or most of the issues that trouble you are on the people side of your leadership role (as opposed to the business technicalities), we can likely help. Workplace Psychology - based in New York City & White Plains NY - offers executive coaching and leadership advice specifically tailored to CEOs.

Here is a brief sample of issues that we have helped chief executives manage with greater wisdom and a firmer sense of command:

  • building a more collaborative and accountable leadership team
  • regulating conflicts on the leadership team more constructively
  • hiring and firing key senior executives in ways that contain risks
  • negotiating politically fraught dynamics with a board of directors
  • negotiating emotionally fraught dynamics in a partnership group
  • becoming a more compelling champion of organizational vision 
  • developing stronger presence as an organizational ambassador
  • challenging the organization to change in strategically vital ways
CEO Coaching & CEO Advice, Workplace Psychology, NYC & White Plains NY

The challenges you confront as a Chief Executive can be intensely demanding, even daunting at times. And that intensity is only increasing as the pace of change escalates around us. In a world increasingly characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, how do you sustain your balance to chart a solid course for your enterprise? For some, it helps to consult with a trusted "sounding board" where you can vet your concerns and ideas in a safe environment. If you don't already have that available, perhaps we can help. Workplace Psychology offers CEO Advice and Coaching Services. We can meet with you at our offices in New York City or in White Plains NY (or, if you prefer, by tele-conference, or on-site at your premises).

Business Partnership Coaching:

We also offer Business Partnership Coaching. The group dynamics of a partnership group (or dyad) can have an enormous impact (for good or ill) on the culture and success of an enterprise (not to mention the well-being of the partners). A well-functioning partnership can be a thing of beauty:  two (or more) heads can indeed be better than one, especially if partners bring complementary skill sets, and there is open dialogue about key issues, especially about disagreements. But a troubled partnership can be a recipe for disaster, or at any rate, for ongoing anguish. As specialists in interpersonal and group dynamics, we are highly adept at assessing the root causes of partnership dysfunction, and in brokering the difficult conversations required to mend (or dissolve) the arrangement. Call us to discuss if you'd like to know more about how we can help.