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Workplace Psychology - with offices in NY City & White Plains NY - is a boutique leader advisement and career advancement consultancy

Leader Advisement: CEO CoachingLeadership Consulting

Do you aspire to be a more effective leader? Or - do you wish that the people who work for you were more skilled at leadership? If you’re a CEO, we can lend an ear and provide sound advice on the thorniest issues of enterprise leadership, and the complexities of guiding a senior team to achieve optimal effectiveness. If you're a senior executive or middle manager, we can help you to cultivate a vibrant work climate that inspires the best in your people. And, if you’re a first-time or aspiring manager, we can help you to understand and master the core challenges of leading other people. 

Whatever your level in the chain of leadership, if the issues that challenge you are on the people side of management (as opposed to the business technicalities), we can likely help. For example, if you struggle with managing conflict situations, we can help you master the craft of constructive conflict handling. Or, if you find it hard to cope with office politics, we can help you develop the savvy you need to “play the game” in constructive ways. 

Career Advancement: Executive CoachingCareer Counseling

Do you aspire to advance to higher levels of leadership, or to opportunities that interest or reward you more? If so, do you know how to get yourself there? More specifically, do you recognize that you need to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset to optimize your career advancement? We can help you jump-start your career journey and navigate key job transitions: e.g., moving up (within your organization), moving out (beyond your organization), or moving on (to another line of work).

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in your current job. Maybe your role doesn’t suit your natural skill set, but perhaps you just need to upgrade your performance. Maybe you’ve been working for a boss who isn’t a good match for you, but perhaps there’s a way to improve that fit, or to work around the problems. Maybe there’s no viable path to advancement in your organization, or maybe you just can’t see one. Or, perhaps there are emotional issues that interfere with your ability to succeed at work and advance your career. Whatever the reasons you’ve been feeling stuck, it’s likely we can help.


Workplace Psychology - located in Manhattan & Westchester NY - offers a wide range of services to suit an array of leadership and career challenges.

Joel Mausner, PhD - the Principal of Workplace Psychology - is an Executive & Business Psychologist with deep experience as a Leadership Consultant & Executive Career Coach.

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