leadership CoachinG:  Performance-Focused Executive Coaching

Workplace Psychology offers executive leadership coaching services on a confidential private practice basis - from our offices in New York City & White Plains NY.

Coaching or mentoring can be an invaluable learning opportunity for executives or managers, especially at key moments in their careers - e.g., when adjusting to big changes in work requirements or environments, or when assuming an elevated and more demanding role.  Enlightened organizations understand this, and they may sponsor in-house coaching/mentoring programs as part of their commitment to leadership development.  (We have partnered on the design and delivery of such programs.)  But many organizations aren't so enlightened, or they lack the capacity to offer this degree of customized support.  Moreover, executives may be concerned about the confidentiality of in-house programs.  Accordingly, we offer a comparable service in a private practice setting.

Executives who seek out leadership coaching or mentoring generally do so for two sorts of reasons:  to meet or exceed their current role expectations, or to self-actualize their ongoing potential as leaders.  In either scenario, skill-building is required.  If the executive skills that you need to enhance are primarily people leadership skills - i.e., interpersonal & self-management skills (rather than technical business skills) - then our coaching is suited to your needs.


why leadership coaching/mentoring?

Being an effective leader is easier said than done. And becoming an exceptional leader is even more challenging. There are intricacies to the art and craft of leadership that can elude many executives and managers.

Executive Coaching, Workplace Psychology, NYC & White Plains NY

Some leaders seek out executive coaching because they sense that they're falling short in some way.

Do the people who evaluate your leadership see and treat you as a high performer?  Perhaps you've gotten some feedback or subtle messaging from colleagues that you're not meeting their expectations?  Perhaps you've gotten a performance review which is less than satisfactory, or you've been placed on a performance improvement plan?  Or maybe your performance has been genuinely fine, yet you wonder why you don’t get the credit you deserve for your accomplishments?  Or maybe you've just been promoted to a more challenging job, but you're not sure you can handle it?  Do you know how to address such concerns?

If any of these questions speak to you, then our executive coaching may be for you.  Call us to learn how we can help you to boost your job performance.

Other leaders pursue executive coaching because they're constantly striving to up their performance.

Are you a manager who enjoys and thrives on the challenges of leadership?  Are you someone who seeks to fully actualize your potential as a leader?  If so, you might be a “born leader” – yet you know that there is always more to learn about the art and craft of leadership.  And you know that you need to continually enhance your learning if you expect to advance to the next level in your career.  And, even if you're a natural leader, perhaps there are still certain times when you struggle?  Do you know what prevents you from being your best more consistently?  And do you know what you need to do to move yourself in that direction?

If these sorts of questions speak to you, then our executive coaching may be for you.  Call us to learn how we can help you be the leader you aspire to be.


Building a toolkit for leader success:

Executive Coaching, Workplace Psychology, NYC & White Plains NY

Whether your motivation is meeting expectations or self-actualization (or both), we can help you to improve on any of the key dimensions of executive performance – including:

- aligning your unit and engaging your team re the overall organization’s strategy

- developing, empowering and inspiring your people to deliver their best efforts

- managing your unit’s operations to achieve effective results with cost efficiency

- managing across the organization matrix, and negotiating organization politics

- managing outwards, with customers, suppliers, regulators, & other stakeholders

- managing upwards to boost creditability, & collaborating on executive teamwork

- managing conflicts with boss, peers & reports, with assertive yet diplomatic skill

- managing yourself, your emotions & work habits - to optimize your consistency

We help you to manage the particular challenges you're currently facing, while we also help you to acquire a "toolkit" that should enable you to sustain your success going forward.


Executive performance is a demanding challenge, especially if you aspire to excellence as a leader.  And the higher you rise in an organization, the greater that challenge can be. 

Would it help to have a place to reflect?, a sounding board?, a trusted advisor? Contact us and let’s talk. We offer executive coaching services, in a confidential private practice setting, from our offices in New York City & White Plains NY.


Workplace Psychology also offers executive coaching services for organizations.  We participate in the design and delivery of in-house coaching and mentoring programs. And we also offer executive coaching as part of broader consulting initiatives that we conduct with organizations.  Contact us for further details.