Core Values & Principles

The common thread in everything we do at Workplace Psychology is our dedication to meaningful learning and sustainable change. Our key method is penetrating conversation - dialogue that gets to the heart of issues, navigates obstacles and conflicts, opens new possibilities, and drives to practical solutions.

To serve this end, we are guided by a set of core principles. These are our working values, and also a set of process steps that structure our work with you:

Keeping it Real:  As we begin and throughout, we create authentic connection with you. We serve you as professional advisors, and we bring our expertise to that role. But our relationship also builds upon wide-ranging open dialogue, grounded in our shared humanity.

Seeing the Whole:  When assessing your presenting problems and concerns, we contextualize them in a broad systemic perspective. We explore environmental, organizational, group, interpersonal, personality, and other factors in our quest to understand your issues.

Finding the Core:  Probably our most important contribution is penetrating insight. Exploring the whole, we progressively uncover and discover your core issues. This allows us to offer plausible working hypotheses about the roots of your difficulties and levers of change.

Pushing the Edge:  Of course insight alone is never enough. To implement change, and to test new insight, action is required. So we help you create strategies of personal and organizational learning, allowing you to experiment with insight and practice new approaches.

Making it Count:  We are invested in making a real difference. As we conduct and conclude our work with you, we help you consolidate sustainable results. We are committed to your betterment: being a better leader, leading a better team, managing a better enterprise.

At Workplace Psychology, we are dedicated to Making Work Life Work Well. We help leaders improve their work lives and product. This helps them improve the work lives and product of the people they lead. This, in turn, fosters enterprise mission and enhanced results. In other words, we attend to "making work life work well" on all its operative levels - including economic profitability, organization effectiveness, group cooperation, existential meaningfulness, and personal satisfaction.