leadership Consulting:  NYC & White Plains NY

Workplace Psychology - based in Manhattan & Westchester NY - offers a range of Leadership Consulting Services. These services are mainly provided to client organizations located around the NYC Metro Area, and are typically delivered on-site at the organization's workplace. We also provide some of these services to organizational clients across the US and internationally, via teleconference or video chat. 

Workplace Psychology offers four main kinds of Leadership Consulting Services for client organizations:

If you're a Chief Executive looking for help with the challenges you face leading your enterprise, we offer CEO Advisement. If you're looking to provide Leadership Education for your executives and managers, we offer a range of training/learning programs. If you're looking to shift or enhance the Workplace Culture at your enterprise, we offer a facilitated process to help you achieve this. And if you're looking to provide a more individualized and customized learning opportunity for some of your key executives, we offer Leader Mentoring programs.

Whether you're a CEO, a Human Resource Leader, or a Business Unit Leader, and whatever sort of work your enterprise does, it's likely we have the experience to help you with leadership development. For a representative sample of the sectors and organizations we've worked with, check out Our Clients. And to get some flavor of how we go about helping our clients, check out How We Work.

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