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Building a career is a lifetime journey, and a career in management and leadership can be an especially demanding journey.  Good leaders are competent or masterful at leading their people on an organizational journey.  But they aren’t always equally effective at leading themselves on their own career journey.  Success at navigating that journey, especially these days, often requires an entrepreneurial mindset – i.e., it helps to pursue your career as if it were an entrepreneurial venture.  We can help you develop that mindset, and the skills you need to leverage your career journey with confidence.

Executive Career Coaching/Counseling, Workplace Psychology, NYC & White Plains NY

There are three main reasons that executives, managers and other leaders seek career counseling or coaching.  They want to:

- Move Up (i.e., toward a higher leadership role)

- Move Out (i.e., from their current organization)

- Move On (i.e., to a new kind of job or industry)

Whether you want to move up, move out or move on, we have the know-how to help. Workplace Psychology - with offices in New York City & White Plains NY - specializes in Career Counseling & Transition Coaching for executives, managers, and other leaders.

Moving Up:  building your case for promotion

Executive Promotion/Advancement, Workplace Psychology, NYC & White Plains NY

We can help you to "move up" by coaching you on a range of issues, such as:

- mastering and demonstrating competence in your current role

- developing and showing broader capabilities beyond your role

- building creditability by taking initiative and being accountable

- fostering visibility by promoting your competence and success

- navigating office politics while sustaining trusting relationships

- presenting your pitch, and negotiating your path to promotion

Moving Out:  the nuts and bolts of job search

Executive/Manager Job Search, Workplace Psychology, NYC & White Plains NY

We can help you to "move out" by coaching you on a range of issues, such as:

- Preparing Your Search:  e.g., specifying the scope of your job search, polishing your resume and other career materials, networking and building connections

- Spreading Your Wings:  e.g., exploring possibilities and opportunities, working with recruiters, preparing for interviews, presenting yourself with confidence

- Navigating Your Move:  e.g., following up on interviews, clarifying an offer, vetting the employer, negotiating compensation and other terms of engagement

Moving On:  transcending the box of your job

Executive Career Transition, Workplace Psychology, NYC & White Plains NY

We can help you to "move on" by coaching you on a range of issues, such as:

- Preparing Yourself for a Leap:  e.g., thinking beyond what you’ve done before, letting go of the emotional baggage that’s boxed you in, appreciating the breadth and potential transferability of your experience and acquired skills as a leader

- Exploring Where You Might Land:  e.g., brainstorming options without needlessly limiting preconceptions, re-connecting with old passions and paths not previously taken, connecting to your personal sense of meaningful work or social contribution

- Embarking on a Realistic Adventure:  i.e., making an existential choice that can alter your life in dramatic ways, but making that choice realistically, with a real sense of the possibilities and challenges involved in making a radical transition

Executive Career Development, Workplace Psychology, NYC & White Plains NY

If these kinds of issues speak to you – whether you want to move up, move out, or move on – our Career Counseling & Transition Coaching can help.  Workplace Psychology has offices located in New York City & White Plains, NY. Contact us to learn how we can help you jump-start, accelerate, or re-start your career development journey.