Workplace Psychology - based in New York City & White Plains NY - is a boutique coaching & consulting group focused on leader advisement & career advancement. We provide leadership consulting to enterprise leaders and their organizations, as well as executive coaching for leaders in a private practice setting. The firm was first established in 1996.

Principal - Joel Mausner, PhD, is the Founder, Managing Director and Principal Consultant of Workplace Psychology. 

Our Clients - We've served a wide range of leaders and enterprises in the business, non-profit and healthcare sectors. 

Associates - Our senior consultants are seasoned professionals, with a wide range of experience, skills and specialties.  

How We Work - We are guided by a core set of values and working principles, which inspire us to deliver substantial and sustainable results for clients. 

Locations - We consult onsite to organizations, and we have two private practice offices for confidential coaching in mid-Manhattan & Westchester NY.

Contact Us - We offer a free phone consultation to assess mutual fit. If you're curious but unclear, feel free to bluntly ask whatever questions you have. 

At Workplace Psychology, we are dedicated to Making Work Life Work Well. Let us know what your challenges are, and we'll tell you how we can help make your enterprise and work life work better.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Consulting, Workplace Psychology, NYC & White Plains NY